Stick RPG 2 Review and Guild

Stick RPG 2 is not your ordinary RPG game. Whereas most RPG games have some sort of narrative within the story, this game you’re stuck in a city only left to know why you’re here in the first place. The first person you meet knows this and acts as your tutorial guide. Unlike most tutorials, you can opt to be uptight on your response prompting your guide not to speak with you ever again – I made this mistake and my karma went down. As a consequence of this, I was left on my own yet again…

Once you explore the city, you realize there’s a lot that you can do in this game. In order to accomplish things in this game, you will have to earn trust and build up your stats first. One of the first buildings I visited was a police station. To earn some money I asked if I could join them. The answer was no as I was too skinny. I laughed at this response as all the character models in the game are stick men – of course they’ll all be skinny.

Stick rpg

It would have been useful if the game provided you with some kind of map as the city is quite large. It seemed like an eternity until I finally found the gym. Upon visiting the gym, I was challenged into a boxing match. The fighting in this game transferred to a top down view where I had to use the mouse to punch at my opponent while using the directional buttons to move around the ring. This battle system was quite difficult to master but I managed to beat my opponent and earn some vital strength points.

As aforementioned, it’s in your best interest to find the right places in Paper Thin City to gain and upgrade these vital stats. Thankfully, this is one of the few flash-based games that actually uses a save feature. This is a life saver as this game is pretty lengthy and you’re sure to be running around in circles trying to find the right places in this large city.

Graphically, the game is like an old-school cartoon. The stick figures are colorful and have different personalities. The isometric camera view is appropriate much like RPG games of the 90s used the same camera back in the day. The only time the viewpoint changes are if you engage in a fight.

There’s not much sound in the game as the dialogue is seen via text boxes. The predominant sound you will hear in the game is the repetitive music. It repeats the same beat over and over and there’s only one track available throughout the entire game.

Despite some of its flaws, the level of choices players can make are endless and provides you with an unpredictable experience. Stick RPG 2 may lack cinematic action sequences but it doesn’t need it as the amount you can do in this game is immense. It’s a fun an unorthodox experience to say the least.

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