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Stick Rpg Complete Cheats – Save money

Start with your intelligence at maximum, then get a job and keep getting promotions until you are the CEO. Do not increase anything else or do anything else until you are Ceo with an intelligence level of 250. Then, stop … Continue reading

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Stick Rpg guide no cheats – How do I rob the bank

First, you must have a gun loaded with ammo. Next you must raise your charm as high as you can. The higher your charm, the more likely you will pull it off. Go into the bank or convenience store and … Continue reading

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Stick Rpg guide no cheats – How do I get the Skateboard?

Give the smokes to the kid on the corner and he’ll give it to you. What would happen if you give the kid too many smokes? You’ll find out. How do I hotwire the car? You need 350 intelligence to … Continue reading

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Stick Rpg guide no cheats

How do I sell Commodities? To sell commodities, you must travel to different cities to make the deals. In order to get to other cities from the Bus Depot, the clock must be fully white. To get the clock fully … Continue reading

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