Stick Rpg Complete Cheats – Easy money

First, start a bank account. You do not need much, but the more the better. Next, go into your apartment and sleep for a few days. The interest in the bank will earn money slowly. The more money you have, the more you will receive. This is very useful if you are trying to get a few stats. Buy the items that raise all of the stats when you sleep. Each night you sleep, you will get better.

Stick RPG 2

Stick RPG 2

When you have 999 Intelligence, Charm, and Strength, get to -100 Karma by doing a lot of Drug deals and bar fights. Notice that you will receive an invitation in your home to join in  n Election. Click on the 50,000 Election and you should win it. After that, sleep and you ill get $5,000 a day.

Save the game, then play blackjack. Bet all your money. If you lose, refresh and try again. Save the game each time you win more money.

Note: While playing blackjack is an easy way to get money, it takes a long time to click the chips to bet. Instead, do not click them. Press [Tab] until the 500 chip is selected then hold [Enter] for a faster method.

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